First steps to a vegetarian Chilli

The start of a long weekend and I am kicking it off with some prep for the cook-off.

My family’s cookery wisdom is not going to come to my rescue for the UH chilli cook-off, now I am on my own venturing into Chilli world.

I tell you what, Karela will go very well in a Chilli. I have a gut feeling. The sharp and subtle release of bitterness that a bitter gourd can exude will make for a mature grown-up curry, oops Chilli! What about groundnuts? Just a gut feeling.

RIMG0136 (2)

Bitter Gourd

What about this recipe? Click to view video.

best veggie chilli snip

Hmm..I got distracted by the nice filming, especially by the hollowed out capsicum, like how the light comes through from the other side and makes the green body translucent. Light – phenomenal! Don’t like it when it gets all dark inside the pot with that crumble 😦

Not bad, but not exciting to just do the first thing I have come across. Time to get my head down and come up with a plan. If I go anywhere near coriander, or curry leaves, or sambhar powder the judges will put it down as Indian, I think, not Tex-Mex… So time for some help

What about asking Indian Americans? – I don’t mean American Indian, i.e. Indians in America from India. I know just the right people. I’ll write to the internet curry cooks – Anuja and Hetal at Living in America, they might have come across a chilli cook-off or two and their website is mainly vegetarian. No point asking Kamala’s corner, a superb South Indian cookery website, but that’s it.

Just heard, I am getting sent some veg recipes from Texas, ones that have been tried and tested in office chilli cook-offs!

This is all off to a good start.

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