Chili sin carne

Aha! So Chili is short for Chili con carne, which is ‘Chili with meat’ in Spanish. I already don’t like the ‘thinking’ behind it! to refer to something vegetarian against the backdrop of non-vegetarian. Lucky English is the global language and not Spanish 🙂   Glad to stick with Chili!

Oh, I like this recipe. This is the first recipe I found with rice alongside it.

And something else caught my attention on this website – check it out. It says ‘Eat with your eyes’.

eat with your eyesImages of food in high-definition, up-close and sharp are almost the real thing. Eat with your eyes! Indeed! Great! until something comes up…….and oops… That’s why it’s uncomfortable for us, generational vegetarians, when faced with unpalatable ‘Eat with your eyes’ adverts.

It’s more rampant than you might think. Allow me to elaborate. Adverts on TV for food stores, and not just food stores, graphic food images could be used to advertise almost anything. Images in e-newsletters which I didn’t ask for to be sent, brightly lit ‘mouth-watering’ images on the walls of 24-hour stores or the locals, blown up a thousand times, the advert in the bus stop.

Oh, for goodness sake, I can’t escape it even when I book a train ticket! For quite a while, east midlands railway online booking site had plonked its ‘where are you travelling from’ tab right on top of a slab of …… I don’t know what, it wasn’t vegetarian. And I always book my advance tickets online.  I fear what might happen when 4-d, smell and sight adverts become more prevalent.

Spare a thought for us long suffering veggie South Indians please. Just saying!

Ok, more recipes. I want to try something that has a more authentic feel to it. With a bit of trepidation, but I feel compelled. So here’s one – chipotle chili and adobo sauce is part of it. Sounds authentic! I have bought most of the stuff, but still trying to find chipotle chili in adobo sauce. Then I am set.


As I try to come to grips with Chili culture, I find it funny there is a competition to cook one dish with chilli and spice, and even in that there is not much cooking involved! It’s that old fascination with spices lingering on, isn’t it? South Indians take chili and spices for granted!  but still not so for many people around the world. Spices and chilli are still noteworthy!

I suppose what competition could we have in South India around one dish? Dosa, perhaps? It could be judged on colour, sourness, thickness, side dishes and so on. Wonder if there is a dosa competition in India. There are dosa eating competitions, alright, but dosa making competitions? Never heard of any. Have you?

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