Oldest trick in the book!

When you know the odds are stacked against you, question the rules! Well, I am talking about UKCCA rulebook! Its very existence is a slur to inclusiveness!


Here’s where it all started for me. The pickyeaterblog

Wife about husband

The classic response from him when I make a vegetarian chili recipe is: *taste* *pause* “this is pretty good. But it’s not chili.”

This alerted me to the fact that a veggie chili contestant is fundamentally handicapped in this competition. There is a certain non-vegetarianism in a Chili that is inherently antagonistic to a south Indian vegetarian.

Framing my hypothesis, as it is hypothesis time at the law school – Is there inherent bias against a vegetarian Chilli in a Chilli cook-off?

Would it make a difference if the judge is vegetarian?

What composition of judges should be vegetarian? Will there be at least one vegetarian judge?! Should there be more? Hey, $ 25000 is at stake here!

John (of Team John), I sympathise for your vegetarian ‘*** in the cup’ in the February cook-off!   It was not your ‘*** in the cup’ that didn’t stand a chance but there was built-in bias! But hang on, I hear you are not vegetarian, then why did you ‘choose’ to cook a vegetarian Chilli?

Niggles me – whose idea was it – how did this glimmer of inclusion happen? And were you forced up the stairs to those dizzy heights, knowing the fall for you – and vegetarianism will be that much harder?!!

So, what say you folks? I say, I am on the backfoot. And going to be stumped on the day! Unless, unless…

Let’s start again- UKCCA, here it is : –

Here’s why the UKCCA rules are all wrong

It alienates 80 million people

Not up to date with the growing vegetarian movement


And don’t ask me anything if the militant wing then takes over – you were warned.

Take responsibility for your role in the environmental disaster, i.e. the non-vegetarian chili that you very much celebrate!

Take responsibility for trundling on the tradition of the Aztec and Mayan civilisation which you know has mysterious powers! You have been warned!

Take responsibility for passing off ancient and traditional knowledge as Chili, after having appropriated the name, and subsumed it within a grosser identity! You have deprived the opportunity for the nutritious Aztec-Mayan vegetarian chili to remain the default Chili, and privileged the marauder.

But you know, like any good policy maker, I don’t just point out mistakes, I suggest remedies. So here’s what I suggest UKCCA does.

Get a vegetarian judge, and create a level playing field. After the competition is over, convene a committee to discuss how the veggie judge can converse with a non-veggie judge. Then convene another to discuss how the veggie judge will have to rotate between being converted veggie and born-veggie [it’s the difference between a smoky chilli and a non-smoky chili] And if you want me to start, then I am happy to convene a committee to investigate how it was that a reputable law school like UH Law is in cahoots with UKCCA, which is quiet blatantly not inclusive  🙂

Ah, so you don’t want to do all this? Then create a Veg category in tomorrow’s competition – simple solution. All your problems solved, and this blog post will be quietly removed 🙂 for I have no case to argue!

What say you guys? Or should I get an injunction to stop the cook-off tomorrow? He he he

Here is some policy research to strengthen my case

Rules of a progressive chili competition in (yes!) Texas!

“People will move from team to team, tasting and judging the chilis for themselves to determine the People’s Choice award of $200, while a group of judges, many of them Austin and Texas celebrities and personalities, judge the four winners of Best Chili in two divisions. The “All Veg” division will be for chilis made with only vegetables, while the “Traditional” division will be for chilis that contain a meat analog or substitute like seitan or tempeh. Second place in each division gets $150, and first prize in each division gets $250!” – See more at: http://www.redhotvegans.com/tag/lone-star-vegetarian-chili-cook-off/#sthash.XcY3IhEo.dpuf

Not a perfect system, but we can adapt it to suit any passing South Indian who might be pressed ganged into participation 🙂


So will I win tomorrow then? In the All-veg category?

Reasons for an All-veg division

Of course, most chili contains ingredients that any vegan wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole! http://www.redhotvegans.com/tag/lone-star-vegetarian-chili-cook-off/#sthash.XcY3IhEo.dpuf

“Chili is Texas food, something that will attract people of all kinds, where we can show them that vegetarianism isn’t strange… it can be something as comfortable and familiar as a bowl of red.”Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, founder

The Lone Star Veggie Chili Cook-Off is an all-vegan statewide event that has made “keeping chili weird” a decades-long tradition, bringing teams from all over Texas to compete since 1989. – See more at: http://www.redhotvegans.com/tag/lone-star-vegetarian-chili-cook-off/#sthash.XcY3IhEo.dpuf


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